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Rhythm of Worship

Our worship is being attacked. The enemy wants to rob us of our worship of God. How? By disrupting our rhythm or pattern of worship.

COVID-19 has caused a major disruption of life. The rhythms of life that have kept us spiritually healthy have been disrupted. We are use to attending church worship on certain days and times. Praying the same time every day. These patterns, engaged with the heart, formed our spiritual disciplines, which in turn kept us spiritually healthy.

I encourage you, by the help of the Holy Spirit, will yourself to RESET a pattern of worship.

Worship with us ONLINE, OUTDOORS or ON CAMPUS. Engage in the venue you feel safe. If you feel safer worshipping outdoors, join us Saturdays 5pm in Whittier. If you are comfortable on campus, join any one of our in-person worship gatherings. Our in-person gatherings are small, with physical distancing. We have health and safety protocols, including health screening at the door.

If you have an underlining health issue or are sick, worship with us online Sundays 10am, 12:30pm and Thursdays 7:15pm. Online worship is probably the hardest venue to stay focused. I encourage you to commit yourself to our weekly online worship pattern. Maybe  change your living room into a sanctuary. Maybe close some window blinds, move some chairs or put a towel on the ground as an altar.

Let's not let the enemy steal our worship. God deserves it.

In His Grip,
Pastor Brian

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