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Modern-Day Antioch

“Chapel of Change is a modern-day Antioch church,” Dr. Mark DeYmaz said on his radio show from Little Rock, Arkansas. It didn’t hit me all at once. It was more like a timed bomb that later exploded joy in my heart.  

That statement stuck with me. I couldn’t shake it. Like Mary, the mother of Jesus, I pondered on what he said. Then I went to the Book of Acts to look at Antioch church to see if I can discover some of similarities.  

Antioch church is described in the Book of Acts chapters 11, 12 and 13. It was unique in many ways. It was started by lay people with the fire of the Holy Spirit. That’s something to ponder on. Antioch was not started by professional ministers, but by on fire followers of Jesus.  

Also, this church embodied the grace of God. “When [Barnabas] came and had seen the grace of God” (11:23). They lived out what it meant to be a snapshot of heaven on earth. They followed the ways of Jesus so much that it was in Antioch where we were first called “Christians” (11:26). In those days they gave names to express characteristics. The city saw the marks of Christ upon this church. 

Antioch church was also marked by: 
1. The power of God – 11:21
2. Revival – 11:21 
3. Generous giving – 11:30
4. Diversity – 13:1 
5. Strong spirituality– 13:2
6. Able to hear God’s voice – 13:2 
7. Willing to send disciples to start new works – 13:4

I write this not to say Chapel of Change is the new Antioch Church but to inspire us to know God is doing something special in and through Chapel of Change. 

We are experiencing the power of God in our corporate, outdoor worship gatherings. I recently talked to a young lady who was in tears because she felt God was talking directly to her. In fact, our church has been marked by "tears" over the years because people have felt the tangible power of God come upon them.

We are also a church committed strengthening our upward connection of prayer, worship and hearing God. We are serious about worship. Last Sunday we demonstrated our seriousness by worshipping in the rain. We didn't plan to worship in the rain, but we didn't back down from it either. 

And we are about to send disciples to start a new Chapel of Change in Dallas, Texas.

We rejoice in the Lord that He has seen fit to use us to impact our generation with the fresh hope of King Jesus and His Kingdom.  Let's continue to be a light on a hill for the Kingdom of God. 

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