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God is Fighting for You

I've felt stirred to share with you for days now -
Exo. 14:14, "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still."

I remember having my parole granted reversed for like the third straight year while at Chuckawalla Prison. It felt like a roller coaster. I was up and then down. Hope filled and then hopeless.

Bummed out, I walked into my class. My teacher asked me what happened. After I told him,, he said something that has stuck with me all this time. He said, "The angels must be wrestling for your freedom."

Man!!!! That pumped faith back into my heart. It helped me to keep believing God.

And so I tell you. You may have had a roller coaster type year. But God is fighting for you! Keep believing. Keep looking up. Keep trusting Him. Your breakthrough is almost here.

Here is a song to go with this word: GOD IS POWERFUL.

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