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God is Still Working Here

Sunday my cell phone rang early, about 8am. Normally, I'm preparing to preach during that time so I wouldn't answer calls. But I knew the world is in a time of major chaos and the Holy Spirit was drawing many people to Jesus. I answered.

The man who called started to tell me how he saw our church services online. He said he had been searching and searching for a church alive with the Holy Spirit and was amazed at what he felt when he watched our worship gathering online. He was even more shocked to learn our church was near his home. He had to call to find out what time our worship gatherings were.

He came to our outdoor worship gathering under our revival tent. The Holy Spirit called him out. He began to cry uncontrollably. Tears upon tears began to flow. The Holy Spirit was cleansing his soul. When he opened his eyes, we all began to clap in celebration of his new season of life and journey with the Holy Spirit.

God is still doing special things amongst us in the midst of the pandemic.

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