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Dear Chapel of Change - 

We rejoice in that California is lifting COVID restrictions.
Our prayer is that God wipe COVID off the face of the Earth.
Until then, we must remain vigilant for the sake of the people we lead. 

Genesis 33:14 gives a principal that should guide us forward. 
"...I will lead on slowly at a pace which the [sheep] that go before me,
and the children, are able to endure..."

We should care deeply about the most vulnerable amongst us.
We should consider everyone as we move forward.
This is the Kingdom way.

We maintain our desire to keep a balance between reaching the lost and having a
reasonable safe place to worship.

Below is direction on our moves in this new season.

1. Indoor and Outdoor Worship Services. 
We will continue to "test" how effective it is to have both indoor service and outdoor services. Outdoor services are primarily to continue to reach more people for Jesus. We should always position the church to reach more lost people for Jesus. Our sanctuaries are effectively full, and we need bigger space to reach more people.
Whittier 5pm - Indoor

Carson 9:30am - Outdoor
Paramount 10am - Indoor
Long Beach 11:15an - Indoor
Paramount 12:30pm - Outdoor
Carson 4:30pm - Indoor

2. Wellness Check
We will continue the wellness checks at the entrance.  We can minister one-on-one to anyone with flu-like symptoms. It’s not wise to place people with flu-like symptoms in a group within a closed room.

3. Masks
CDC says fully vaccinated people don't need to wear any masks.  We will leave masks optional for people.  And we will not "shame" people who wear masks for extra safety.

4. Social Distance
Discernment in the moment is key in this. It’s not wise to pray for people directly in their faces.
Nor is it wise to be jammed pack in a closed room without any ventilation. In this day you want to think about “air flow.”  Keeps windows and doors open or AC on. 

We will continue to monitor the above and adjust as needed.
Let’s remain flexible as we navigate these difficult days.
God is moving powerfully at Chapel of Change and we want to fan the flames of revival! 

In His grip,
Pastor Brian Warth

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