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Only Thing

Dear Chapel of Change;

2Tim. 4:17 - "But the Lord stood with [us] and strengthened [us], so that the message might be preached fully through [us]..."

It's been one year since California was hit with COVID-19.
We have suffered much as a church and shed many tears.
[We are still grieving with our dear Sister Maryann.].

As a church family, last year took relationships from us too.
People stopped serving in church because of concern over COVID.
We grieve relationships temporarily paused and look forward to our reunion soon - more and more are coming back to church.

It's amazing God has been blessing us with new relationships.
We celebrate these new co-laborers in the Kingdom.

I think of people like...
Myles Brown
Vaughn & Yvonne Arroyas
Eric Galvan
Victor & Rosa Guzman. 
Christian Molina
Brian Russel
Elizabeth & Sergio Hernandez
Luua and her family

Renewed relationships with Whitton family and Leonard Yates (They have been a blessing).
And there are more....

Let's value all our relationships - past and new.
Relationships are the only thing we can take to heaven.

Love you all mucho!

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