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Christ-Birthday Offering

When the Wisemen finally found Jesus, they opened their treasures to give to the King. The Bible reads, "And when they opened their treasures, they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh (Matt. 2:11). Gold because Jesus is King. Frankincense because Jesus is God. And myrrh because Jesus is man.

Their giving was a form of worship. It showed their love for the King.

We want to follow the way of the Wisemen. We don't just want to read about them, but do what they did. Experience what they experienced.

It's our tradition to give a Christ-Birthday Offering every December. This sacrificial offering is in honor of the birth of our King. He left everything to join us. He left his privilege and power to experience our pain and set us free. He considered us worth the trip. Praise Jesus!

And now we get to demonstrate our love back by giving in His honor.  Let's give our best gift through our Christ-birthday offering. We will give this weekend at church or online at

This year's Christ-birthday offering will go to sustain our Fresh Hope Radio program on 99.5FM KKLA. Every Sunday at 3:30pm our sermons are impacting Los Angeles with millions of people. And we are receiving heart touching responses.

Olivia from the Valley said, "I heard your Bible message today for the first time...It was a very powerful message and I'm going to have about six people listen to it...God is using you in a mighty way...Thank you."

Laura and I will lead the way in giving. We ask you to follow. Thank you in advance. 

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